Cranes for the power industry

Munck Cranes has a long tradition as a supplier of cranes for the power industry, where cranes can be used for lifting water gates, in general workshops, and not at least for lifting turbines. 
In the 1950's and 1960's Munck Cranes already delivered  cranes for machine halls in Norway, and abroad. Thailand and Sweden were important export markets.

Most power stations in Norway have bridge cranes supplied by Munck. 

One of our most prestigious projects was the delivery to Bhumibol Power Station (EGAT) in North Thailand. In keen international competition Munck Cranes obtained a contract to supply, deliver and install 2 units of Munck duobox cranes, each with a span of 20.3 meter and a lifting capacity of 235 tonnes.

This project also included a special lifting yoke to provide a tandem lift capacity of 450 tonnes. Munck Cranes has, since 1984, been very active in the development of frequency control systems adapted for use on cranes. This makes it possible to obtain stepless speed adjustments, ranging from 0 to any specific speed. For the above cranes, EGAT specified their requirement of +/-1 mm on the hoisting motion.

By meticulous attention to engineering and details, Munck managed to achieve this!