Cranes for shipyards - Cranes for offshore industry

Munck Cranes has decades of experience as a crane supplier for shipyards and the offshore industry. Our concept also incorporates design of cranes operating on runways at different levels within the same building. Tandem operation for heavier loads and control systems offering the highest degree of load handling precision is available. This is achieved by implementing advanced components offering maximum efficiency, compact design and the latest techniques in crane control. For example a tandem load of 400 tonnes can be lifted and positioned within a tolerance of +/-1 mm.

In a shipyard where large sections are handled and a high degree of general activity is present, the risk of accidents can easily increase. The attention to safety is one our top priorities,  and we can incorporate different warning systems in our cranes.  The craneoperator can receive warning about the risk of collision between cranes, and also if suspended loads are in danger of hitting any obstacles in the operational area.