Prosystem light cranes

An overhead light crane system is a great solution for workstation lifting tasks, due to its extensive coverage and user friendliness. Swinging of the load is minimized, due to the trolley centralizing itself automatically to the optimal lifting position. By choosing an overhead light crane solution, a significant amount of extra performance can be achieved, for example, to assembly-, production- and maintenance-work. Combinations of different profiles are available to suit individual lifting requirements.

PROSYSTEM® light crane system is based on a steel profile construction with three profile sizes of 125, 200 and 260mm, and it covers a load range up to 2000 kg. The system consists of hoist tracks, and single and double girder cranes, which are available as standard or raised type. The cranes can be mounted with a variety of suspensions to the ceiling, wall or existing frame work, or to a freestanding floor based steel frame. Due to the extensive modularity, this system can be modified to suit most individual requirements.