Automated cranes

Munck  has delivered several automated cranes and components for the process industry.  Automatization of cranes can improve security and reduce operating- and maintenance costs. 

Plants handling hazardous waste, are more and more utilizing automatic cranes. By replacing fork lifts and conveyors with overhead travelling cranes, workers can stay in the safe zones.

Potential industries where the use of automatic cranes can be considered:

  • Glass processing / recycling
  • Composting plant
  • Galvanization plant 
  • Zinc production
  • Incinerator plants 

It is also possible to upgrade existing cranes to automatic features. This will increase the longevity considerably.
Automated cranes being part of an entire process can supply valuable information, as the crane computer is connected to the main computer, and operating along with this. As an example the waste in an incinerator plant was reduced significantly as a result of the main computer being given exact information of the volumes which at all times are fed into the incinerators.