Munck Cranes New Zealand - Cranequip Engineering Ltd

Address: Postal: PO Box 64 220, Botany, New Zealand Physical: 44B Greenpark Road, Penrose, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (0)9 272 7029

Cranequip Engineering Ltd has established itself in the supply of hoists and crane kits to the crane industry. We have also done several installations and all our customers have accolades about our quality and expedience of products supplied and service rendered. Cranequip Engineering Ltd was established in August 2003 and since its inception we have had constant growth each year. This is testimony to our commitment to our clients. To date we have not lost any client or customer.

We have agencies of reputed products and especially Munck wire rope hoists which are a very popular brand all over the world. Cranequip Engineering Ltd has been very succesfull in the distribution of this very high quality brand of hoists and cranes. Pricing is not always the answer and quality often gives you a longer lasting product and proves itself as a cost effective choice in the long run.

In addition Cranequip Engineering Ltd is involved and have supplied many solutions in the structural steel industry and lifting solutions. Cranequip Engineering Ltd is backed by sound engineering science and facilities in its very close association with 4 Industry group.