Munck Cranes Iceland - Fálkinn HF

Address: Dalvegur 10-14, IS-201 Kópavogur, Iceland
Telephone: + 354 540 7000

Fálkinn is an importer, distributor and engineering company working in three main fields of activity:

1. Machinery and automotive components
2. Power transmission and industrial machinery
3. Automation and industrial control; electricity distribution and transmission

In addition we run an electro-mechanical service workshop specialized in servicing Fálkinn's technical products. Currently the company employs 26 people and had in 2004 a turnover of about 450 million ISK, which is equivalent to about 7 million USD. All our sales and services are supported by good engineering skills and commercial know-how.

The main customers groups are industrial users and OEMs, including fisheries, fish and food processing, processing plants, manufacturing companies, construction and transport. Other important target groups include power companies, automotive, mechanical and electrical workshops and contractors.