Munck Cranes Australia - Fives Services Australia PTY LTD

Address: 23 Tonka St, Luscombe, Queensland, 4207 - Australia
Telephone: + 61(0) 3630 6616
Fax: + 61(0) 3630 6625

Fives Services Australia PTY LTD, a subsidiary of the Alcan group, traditionally focuses on Aluminium Smelter cranes, process equipment and technical assistans with offices in Austrailia, Canada, Holland, China, South Africa, Mozambique and India.

With knowledge and expertise gained within the most demanding of production environments, Fives Services Australia PTY LTD represent the ideal partner when crane design, installation and maintenance are key tobusiness success. Complemented by the acknowledged specialties from Munck cranes A/S in the field of heavy duty costomized cranes, Fives Services Australia PTY LTD are now able to  meet the needs of a broader range of Australian customers in areas demanding specific materials  handling solutions.

Munck Cranes A/S is highly trained in meeting the specifications and demands from those customers ensuring their material handling expectations are meet completely. Fives Services Australia PTY LTD will focus on promoting and growing the already extensive installed base of Munck Equipment in Australia with a particular emphasis on the heavy engineering and mining industries. Extensive local stocks of critical spare parts and components will futher enhance the two companies ability in both providing and maintaining standards and costomized crane solution.