About us

Munck Cranes AS is one of the main producers and suppliers of cranes and lifting equipment in Norway. Munck AS started in 1924 and has from the start had a persistent focus on quality, development and innovation. Munck, including all offices in Norway, are all approved and certified acc.to ISO 9001-2008. We constantly strive to raise our level of competence in order to meet the demands, expectations and regulations in our line of business, not only for today, but also for the future. This applies both for the domestic and international market.

Correct and safe use, along with efficient utilization of cranes and lifting equipment, are important elements to maintain and improve productivity and competitiveness within the various industries. Within selected niches, Munck Cranes AS aims to play an active part in this development.

Total Supplier
Munck  represents experience and competence as a supplier of lifting equipment for loads mainly up to 500 tonnes, and is considered a total supplier of cranes and material handling equipment for all types of industry, both in Norway and abroad.

The head administration,  production and storage area occupies 8000m2 in Bergen. We also have 5 service centres in different regions of Norway. Munck employs a total of 155 people, all dedicated to continuously developing Munck's products.

Our nearly 100 years of experience, knowledge and skill is embedded in the Munck quality products. The staff consists of well educated and professional engineers ready to offer lifting-solutions and technical assistance to our clients. We are also proud to say that our factory workers and service staff are highly skilled and most dedicated.